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Time to do some work on LazerWikiBlog

Unread postby lazerzap » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:45 pm

It's been awhile.. LazerWikiBlog hasn't had a decent political journal entry for a couple of years. The political climate is such.. That I just have to start making a noise via the WikiBlog..

All my old political foes seem to have met their political demise. As a result.. Auto lookups for those old evil MP's and Senators which are performed via http://openaustralia.org are now coming back Null and Invalid.
I probably need to adjust my script to display FOO when no data returned. *shrug* I can live with it.. Those politicians didn't deserve a script of their own by reputation of working towards a public good. So they certainly don't deserve that script to be maintained..

Also.. because I now live in QLD under Newmans L/NP extreme vlad laws and I see that total tossbag known as Abbott with the title of PM. (another well known L/NP leech) I think it is again time to "home up some scripts" for the key stupid/corrupt political players.. So we can see more clearly 'exactly' what they have said. (via openaustralia.org hansard data) Yes it is time for me to become more active again via LazerwikiBlog. I can probably hack the old "politicians" scripts and rename them faster than it has taken to read this. (and write it..) But.. I needed to bring to the attention of 'who ever is interested' that A: I will be away from BigSlugBox for awhile (so please be good mice) & B: Those stinking right wing climate change denier religious extremists! I hope L/NP politicians, that I name and shame, are going to wish they had retired or had lost office already.. By the time I am thru with them..

As a result.. I will try and leave BigSluggy alone now.. while I play at LazerWikiBlog. See: http://lazerzap.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/Blog
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